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AUGHT is currently on hiatus. Feel free to send us an email if you're interested in submitting work, since we do intend to begin putting up issues again in the next year or two.

Thanks to everyone who's supported AUGHT over the years.

About Aught

AUGHT provides a forum for poetry and prose poems exploring the use of innovative language and imagery, including (but not limited to) "language-oriented" formal experimentation. Since 1997 it has given a home to poetry from nearly 200 new and established writers.

Note to contributors

If you're thinking about submitting work, please do not send traditionally "formal" poems, mainstream or confessional free verse, or inspirational or religiously devotional poetrythere are many other web-based venues appropriate for those genres of work. We also don't tend to publish "slam" poetry, or latter-day Beat writing, either. (Nothing against either style, but it's not for AUGHT, and a lot of it comes in.)

It's probably best to read the existing issues of AUGHT and gauge for yourself whether the style of your work will fit in with the overall body of poetry already assembled here.

Please email inquiries to Ron Henry, and include submissions within the body of the email or as ASCII text file (if there are no complex formatting issues), or as a Word or RTF word processing format (if the layout is more complex). Authors of very complex or concrete poetry should submit their work as an Adobe PDF or as an image (PNG or high-quality JPG preferred).

Aught, No. 15 (2006)
PDF version
Aught, No. 14 (2005)
Includes special section of collaborative work.
PDF version
Aught, No. 13 (2004)
Includes special section of short (under 25 word) poems
PDF version
Aught, No. 11/12 (2003)
Includes special section
featuring longer works

PDF version
Aught, No. 10 (2003)
Includes special section: "Responses"
Aught, No. 9 (2002)
Single-author issue
featuring Chris Piuma

Aught, No. 8 (2002)
Aught, No. 7 (2001)
Aught, No. 6 (2001)
Aught, No. 5 (2000)
Aught, No. 4 (2000)
Aught, No. 3 (1999)
Aught, No. 2 (1998)
Aught, No. 1 (1997)
Inaugural issue

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